Be Feral Media

Hi. I am Paul Guebara. The Owner and Head Creative at Be Feral Media. 

I love capturing the moments whether that is in the middle of a river during a fly fishing trip or at a client's home capturing the playful everyday moments between a father and his son. I love people and the emotions from simple interactions and everyday life. I love capturing sporting events, outdoor adventures and any moment I can outside utilizing natural light. Family relationships and portrait photography is another passion. The intimacy and raw emotion of a portrait and family dynamics is a natural draw for me. 

My love for the everyday comes from my love for my family who have slowed me down and giving me unconditional love and laughter. My wife, Mandy, and our two little feral creatures challenge, inspire and push me to create more and better things. I don't have a formal photography background or a standard approach to his amazing art form. It allows me to see differently. Untrained and Untamed in my approach to photography - Be Feral.

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